Aubree Holliman

Creative Director
Graphic Designer

 photo by:  Fred Joe

photo by: Fred Joe

I wanted to be an English major but my educator parents wanted me to leave college with a marketable skill, so I switched to Education. As passionate as I was (and still am) about learning and education, I realized I didn’t want to be a high school English teacher.

For years I had poured over Print and How magazines, loving the letterpress posters and high concept book jackets and simple, clean logo designs. Sometime after college, between coaching JV soccer and substitute teaching, I realized that design could be a job. A career even. And I totally wanted to do it.

I enrolled at the Art Institute of Seattle and seven months later became the in-house designer for The Burnsteads, a residential builder. Over eight years, I art directed photo shoots for corporate ad campaigns, designed environmental graphics for model homes, created more flyers and brochures than I can count, talked paper samples and production options with vendors, developed logos (one was etched into a boulder!) and served as the gatekeeper of The Burnsteads brand and all its affiliates.

In 2010, I moved to Portland, OR and opened AH HA Creative. I am grateful for every day that I get help folks transform their businesses with my skills, experience and knowledge. There’s nothing more rewarding than doing what I love to give a client that ah ha moment that transforms their business from good to great.

When I’m not working, I enjoy cycling, reading, listening to live music, cooking (and eating!), watching soccer, traveling and spending time with family. I live in a tiny SE Portland apartment with my two kids above a taco joint, a coffee shop AND an ice cream parlor.


Some of my Favorite Things

Fast Facts:

  • Favorite movie: 12 Monkeys, but now maybe Arrival

  • First car: Subaru Loyale wagon

  • Tattoos: 3

  • Bikes: 3

  • Favorite cuisine: Mexican

  • Must have: coffee

  • Favorite sport: soccer

  • I only set my alarm ending on a 3 or a 7