52 Postcards | Week 5

Full disclosure: I am getting ready for vacation. I write this because I spent less time than usual on my postcard this week. I want to be able to step off the plane in Hawaii, yea, Hawaii without having to think about work for the entire week. I have some projects to chew on. I'm sure solutions will reveal themselves while I am basking in the sun or snorkeling among the sea turtles. But the goal is to not have to open the laptop I am taking to actually allow myself to relax completely. If I don't have it, I will need it. Even if I don't, I will worry I will need it. Now, if I take it, I am 99% certain I won't need it.

I appreciate the simplicity of this design. The execution is less than impressive. TOO MUCH RETARDER. The paint was too wet and heavy on the block. Some of the patterns are pretty fun. I would like to go back and use the same block with 2 colors to make a plaid.


Speedball carving tool
Speedy-Cut white block
Speedball magenta water-soluble ink
Strathmore Printmaking paper, 400 series, 280 g/m2