52 Postcards | Week 2

Two down and…it is way too early in this project for that kind of thinking. Besides, I am super excited about all the things I am learning about printing. My friend Angela has been a good resource. I am borrowing her better cutting tools for next week’s block. And I have read a bit from the book Print Workshop: Hand Printing Techniques + Truly Original Projects by Christine Schmidt.

One challenge is going to be finding ways to make this project happen without spending gobs of money each week. I could easily spend a small fortune on paper and ink and all the shiny tools I don’t really need at this point. I will have to get creative…

I made my first trip to Columbia Art & Drafting for some carving material and paper. I am moving on from the pink Speedy-Carve. I purchased a sheet of the Speedy Cut, some unmounted linoleum and Easy-to-Cut Lino that “cuts like butter.” Maybe I’ll even try wood one of these weeks. That feels really intimidating.

This week’s chevron block turned out ok. I had a bit of a time with the ink being either too thick on the block or drying out too quickly. Next week I will try adding some Retarder to the ink to see if that gives me better results.


Speedball carving tool
Speedy Carve pink rubber
Speedball black water-soluble ink
Strathmore Mixed Media paper 140lb (300g/m2)