52 Postcards | Week 9

This is my last Hawaii-inspired postcard. I am sluffing off the last of the sunburn on my legs. My kayaking injuries are nearly healed. I am so grateful I had the opportunity to get away with my lovely wife. During the trip, we repeated "Mahalo" back and forth to each other as our little inside joke. Connection comes in mysterious ways…

I really wanted to incorporate an image from the trip into one of my Hawaii postcards. I used my inkjet to print out this image Laramie took on our last full day on the island. The photo paper is glossy which made getting a nice print a challenge. I switched from using a barren to using a bone folder to rub over the paper.

As the postcards are drying, the white ink is mixing with the inkjet ink to change the white to a pink-ish. Hmmmmm, I should have waited a bit longer to see how my test print turned out. Really, with the week I have had, I'm just glad I carved a block and printed a handful of cards.

Listen to this interesting story about palm trees from 99% Invisible.


Niji Carving Knives + Speedball carving tool
Speedy-Cut white block
Speedball white water-soluble ink
Inkjet photo paper