52 Postcards | Week 7

I had a fantastic vacation. Part of me hoped to have started the Hawaii postcards while there, but I took full advantage of being on vacation. I took a few notes and made a few plans for the next couple of weeks.

This first postcard is inspired by the coolest little fishy I saw while snorkeling at Hanauma Bay. It is the Kikakapu, or the Threadfin Butterflyfish.

This was the first for several things this week.
1. I used two colors, which leads to
2. I had to use registration marks to get alignment.

Angela, my neighborhood printmaking resource, helped me out with the registration issue. She also reminded me that I am more of a visual learner than I think. Many of the printmakers I am following on the internet are printing onto fabric. So they lay out their bolts of fabric and "stamp" the print onto the fabric. Angela schooled me in the correct way to make a print: ink the block and then place the paper on top of the block. This works much better with a single image print. I do think repeat patterns are easier to do the "stamp" way.

I felt uneasy all throughout the block carving and even printing of this project. "Will it look ok" "My lines are not perfect" "blah, blah, you are a faker…" But the more I look at my final postcard, the more I LOVE IT. Thanks little Kikakapu.


Flexcut Palm carving tool
Easy-to-Cut Lino
Speedball yellow & black water-soluble ink + retarder
Strathmore Printmaking paper, 400 series, 280 g/m2