52 Postcards | Week 4

This week's print was quick. Almost to the point I wanted to keep printing postcards last night. Just keep going and going. Maybe it was the squirrel, maybe it was the brown. Maybe I am getting into the process more.

I used the easy-to-carve, soft Speedy-Cut and again, the results were similar to my frustration before with the Speedy Carve from the chevron. The material is slippery with the ink when printing and the image doesn't print as crisply as I would like. I am learning that the Speedy-Cut is better for larger, less detailed prints.

I love how these postcards turned out on the craft paper. I may revisit the same little squirrel only carved from actual lino and see how the printing is different.


This little guy had the flu last week. He spent a good deal of time resting, sleeping and literally, being underfoot. He cuddled up in the dog's bed while I carved the squirrel, keeping me company. The squirrel is for him, the Master Squirrel Moochie.


Speedball carving tool
Speedy-Cut white block
Speedball brown+black water-soluble ink
Natural craft cover stock