52 Postcards | Week 14

This postcard design started from a drawing I did of an arrow. I loved the arrow but it didn't fit into my postcard requirements very well. So I chopped it up, moved the elements around and here we are. I enjoy the challenge that comes from having to design for the limitations of the size of the postcard or for the medium, Moo carve or linoleum.

I had a great conversation with a friend today about playing around with other variables too. One variable that seems to have the greatest influence on my weekly project is time. The busier I am in other parts of my life, the less experimentation I am able to do. Blerg.

Niji Carving Knives
Moo Carve
Akua intaglio ink in van dyke brown
Strathmore Bristol paper, 300 series, 100lb. 270 g/m2