52 Postcards | Week 11

I made this Darth Vader postcard for my little guy who turns 7 today. He mostly liked it but informed me I missed a detail. Thanks for the feedback, bud.

I used a new carving material, Moo Carve. I really liked it, although there was little carving involved in this week's block. I have given myself few specs in this project but I still bump up against them. This time, I wanted the image to bleed off the postcard. I pre-cut the paper and then printed. While not a total failure, I think my results would have been better had I trimmed after printing. This project is all about the process and learning, so I am putting this in the "learned" column.


Speedball carving tool
Moo Carve
Speedball black water-soluble ink
Strathmore Bristol paper, 300 series, 100lb. 270 g/m2